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For the last three years, Kindred has been on the bleeding edge of influencer marketing, pioneering creative strategies for the world’s leading brands and most exclusive events in entertainment. What used to be a forward-thinking marketing risk is quickly becoming the norm as research suggests the benefits of influencer marketing over traditional marketing and advertising.  […]

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We know there are skeptics out there with respect to the value and efficacy of social media. Many understand that having a presence across social media platforms that are relevant to your industry is imperative to being competitive, in this day and age; however, time and time again we listen to complaints from business owners […]

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Even though social media pervades our lives, and has done so for about the last ten years, I remember when my physical address book was the connection between me and the outside world. You know, that thing that you wrote in with a pencil (if you were smart) because penning through an old telephone number […]

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