Brands Paid Hefty Prices To Send Micro-Influencers Dancing In The Desert At Coachella

At Coachella, 250,000 music lovers descended upon the California desert, bringing $704 million in economic activity throughout the week. Brands and influencers abounded, with over 4 million hashtags emanating from the world’s most Instagrammed festival. But many brands took a different approach to influencers this year. By now, 78 percent of Millennials dislike or are indifferent to celebrity influencer endorsements. As such, brands […]

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The Wild West of Influencer Marketing

For the last three years, Kindred has been on the bleeding edge of influencer marketing, pioneering creative strategies for the world’s leading brands and most exclusive events in entertainment. What used to be a forward-thinking marketing risk is quickly becoming the norm as research suggests the benefits of influencer marketing over traditional marketing and advertising.  […]

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