Named a “top marketing professional” by Klout, Tina Mulqueen is the CEO of Kindred Marketing. With more than ten years of experience in influencer marketing, advertising and public relations, Tina’s community-centric approach to public relations and her commitment to representing socially progressive companies has earned her a stellar reputation. She has represented influencers in a marketing capacity with CBS’​ The Insider, Entertainment Tonight, and Vanity Fair and Marie Claire. Recognized as a top community leaders by the 100 Affect Organization, she founded Kindred as a vehicle for change, challenging like-minded businesses and clients to share resources for collaborative successes. Since its founding in 2013, Kindred Marketing has built a prolific portfolio with thousands of stories generated on behalf of its clients. Although Kindred has represented innumerable industries, it focuses primarily on clients in technology and entertainment. Tina is a regular contributor to Elite Daily, Huffington Post, New York Lifestyle Magazine and Thrive. Mulqueen has served as a media correspondent at the Academy Awards, Emmys, the Brittania Awards and Billboard Music Awards.