Tina Mulqueen

Founder and CEO

In 2013, Mulqueen founded Kindred with a focus on cause marketing during her time on the board of Susan G. Komen. Since that time, she’s carved out a niche in digital media and entertainment, working with such brands as CBS, Vanity Fair, Digital Trends and Marie Claire; and at such events as the Academy Awards, the Billboard Music Awards, the Emmys, the BAFTAs and more. Her writing has been featured in a regular column on Forbes, as well as Thrive Global, Huffington Post, Elite Daily and various other outlets. For her work, she’s been recognized in Entrepreneur, Adweek, Grit Daily, and more. She speaks and writes regularly on sustainable marketing and entrepreneurship practices.

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For her work, she’s been recognized in Entrepreneur, Adweek, Grit Daily, and more. She speaks and writes regularly on sustainable marketing and entrepreneurship practices.

In addition to her work with Kindred, Mulqueen founded a non-profit, Cause Influence, to expand the reach of important social causes. Under her non-profit, she takes on pro bono clients with an emphasis on equality and representation. She also founded and manages a media company called Et al. Meaning “and others,” Et al.’s mission is telling the stories of underrepresented individuals and communities.

Denise Mang

Client Relations Manager

I’ve spent my career dealing directly with clients in every scenario imaginable. The bulk of my career was spent as a paralegal in family law, where I worked tirelessly to make sure that the client or customer felt well-represented and taken care of. I enjoy working with people and I’m looking forward to giving our clients the best outcome possible. I have strong organizational and public relations skills, and if that’s not enough, I’m a cancer survivor, so I don’t give up. I’m married, and my husband of 29 years and I settled down in White Mountains, Arizona where we built our forever home. I’m the proud mother of a successful daughter, and a loving grandmother to four beautiful grandchildren.

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I enjoy crafting, fashion and home design, and watching Bravo. Don’t judge me, those real housewives don’t have anything on me. I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my life, and can’t wait to work with you all.

Topher South

Lead Copywriter

Topher is a writer and educator born and based in the mountainous northern Nevada desert. He loves using his creativity and educational background to help get the word out about Kindred’s partners. In his spare time, he loves to read and write genre fiction and experiment with new flavors in his kitchen. He is passionate about social and environmental justice and is happiest playing board games and D&D or taking his family camping. Words in Thrive Global, The Junction, and Red Planet.

Audrey Durazzo

Graphic Designer

Born and raised in the San Fransico Bay Area, Audrey is currently a senior at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon.  She is a sociology and anthropology major as well as an art and art history minor.  She has a great interest in helping to promote a more educated and empathetic world as well as being creative while doing so.  She is the owner of Durazno, her art brand which mainly focuses on hand painted custom pieces and digital art.  When Audrey has time to herself, she loves to visit museums, lounge in parks with her friends, try new vegan recipes, and discover new music.  

Ally Weberg

Account Specialist

Ally is a senior marketing major at the University of Portland and is a native Oregonian. With experience in email marketing strategy, social media, and event planning, Ally is excited to learn and grow in the professional industry of public relations and marketing.  As someone who is motivated by helping others, she fell in love with marketing when she saw how it could be a force for good. She takes pride in bringing her attention to detail, positive attitude, and enthusiasm for learning to every project she tackles. Outside of work, she can be found sipping a freshly brewed cup of earl grey tea, enjoying all the nature Oregon has to offer, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Jacob Flores

Account Specialist

Jacob is an English literature major at the dusty college of California State University of San Bernardino. A seasoned writer, Jacob knows how to draw up an amazing fictional world or writing about the very much real impactful stories of how clients came to be. But above all, his chief delight is to always leave the reader and client satisfied with upstanding talented work that shines through. During his free time, you will find him dutifully writing and editing away his second novel.