Award Winning Author and World Traveler Targets Rampant Depression in Retirees with Non-Financial Retirement Planning

Now that Larry Jacobson has fulfilled his dream of circumnavigating the globe, he has developed an online program to equip all retirees with a non-financial retirement plan so they too can make their dreams a reality…and he’s redefining retirement along the way. San Francisco, CA – Larry Jacobson was comfortable in the C-Suite of his […]

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Local Sales Expert Organizes #BiggestLittleCity Fundraiser

Alice Heiman

Nationally acclaimed keynote speaker and sales expert, Alice Heiman, has organized a community fundraiser around her first-ever comprehensive on-line sales training series. Reno, NV – An original on-line sales training series, created and conducted by renowned sales expert Alice Heiman, aims to support small business owners and sales professionals in their pursuit of effective and […]

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