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Public Relations

In line with the company’s name, we take a Kindred approach to public relations. That is, we believe public relations is defined as any action that lends to the public perception of your brand. So, when we say PR, we’re not just talking about press releases. PR is an umbrella over all marketing, advertising and engagement efforts. That’s why we offer a very comprehensive list of services from traditional public relations and media facilitation, to social media marketing, advertising, web design and promotional material design. Our public relations packages are not “one size fits all” – we orient our strategy toward assets that will move the needle for our clients. From positioning in front of investors, to establishing brand recognition with consumers, our solutions are not designed for arbitrary media hits, but to achieve measurable goals with our clients as our partners.

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Social Media

Beyond content creation, broadcasting and community management, we take a holistic approach to social media understanding that – in order to be successful – engagement is key. Kindred will work with you to drive social media engagement to web properties, engage influencers in your space to increase the reach and resonance of your content, and build content calendars around relevant topics within your industry. We emphasize communication with our clients, as an extension of their internal team. In addition to correspondence with your company, Kindred will create and facilitate a group of social media brand ambassadors. Our plans range from simply content planning and engaging with your audience to copy-writing for blogs and e-mail communications to ensure your content has value. Often, our clients’ needs vary significantly, and we are more than happy to create a custom package that works for you.

Influencer Marketing

Kindred PR runs top tier creative influencer marketing campaigns for the world’s largest brands and events. Kindred has been on influencer teams for the Academy Awards, the Billboard Music Awards, the Emmys, the Brittania Awards, and more. Kindred orchestrates the message of hundreds of everyday social media influencers to promote a brand’s product, service, venue or launch in a way that amplifies word-of-mouth organically for 37% higher returns on marketing investments (McKinsey). Kindred’s influencer marketing program pairs its own network of everyday influencers – with authentic voices and topic expertise – with brands for which influencer audience members are tailored, in order to amplify a marketing campaign. A typical Kindred influencer marketing campaign engages tens to hundreds of influencers with a reach of tens of millions of audience members to create tens to hundreds of millions of digital media impressions. Influencer marketing is on the bleeding edge of promotion: social media marketing budgets are poised to grow to nearly a quarter of total marketing budgets in the next 5 years, and digital advertising spend is projected to grow by 12.2% (AdAge). With ad blocking and digital advertising fraud threatening more traditional digital marketing, advertisers are turning to influencer marketing to circumvent these threats. According to a market research firm, 84% of marketing professionals will execute an influencer marketing campaign in the next year, touting its word-of-mouth appeal with social media amplification. With millennials shying from more traditional advertising that they deem self-promotional, the social validation offered by influencer marketing allows brands to engage with the elusive millennial demographic in an organic way, building brand loyalty and recognition for unmatched returns.