Caffelli's Season 1 of GiveFTW

Best Fundraising Platform


Caffelli’s goal is to catalyze the gaming community to support two mission-driven non-profits that focus on diversity and inclusion and conservation: The Trevor Project and Oceana.


GiveFTW is a community giving game. Sponsors donate money for charity and prizes for gamers, who enable everything by playing. Each GiveFTW season features a new sponsor, new prizes, and new charities.


Performance Highlights


3,100+ Users


30,405 Social Engagements

Media Impressions

14.1 Million Media Impressions


Tasks Completed

34,000 Tasks Completed



Season 1 of GiveFTW engaged over 20 influencers who were able to use their influence for good. Influencers that participated had a total followership of 1,156,800 on Twitch and 750,000 on Twitter.

“Anytime a streamer does charity streams, it’s beautiful, but it’s a lot to ask of viewers to guilt them into donating…Now I as a streamer, don’t have to feel responsible asking for money. It’s super cool.” – JONSANDMAN

“It’s literally taking the whole ‘charity streaming’ concept and turning it on its head.” -CTRLALTQUIN

“Not only are they supporting amazing organizations like the Trevor Project and Oceana; they found a way to give back to the community.” –OMGITSFIREFOXX

 Media Coverage

Caffelli’s GiveFTW campaign garnered national attention and was featured in Grit Daily, Thrive Global, and other major media outlets.


Caffelli’s goal for GiveFTW was to bring the gaming community together to make a positive impact and support two non-profits: The Trevor Project and Oceana. The strategy was to have participants support the charities without opening their own wallets by completing tasks, such as learning about a non-profit’s mission and sharing their messages. Intel sponsored the first season of GiveFTW and donated money for charity and prizes.


The strategy was an overwhelming success, with participants raising awareness for The Trevor Project and Oceana and completing over 34,000 tasks. As streamers strongly aligned with the nonprofits, this sparked passionate participation from their communities. Give FTW made 14.1 million media impressions, and we also saw massive increases in social engagements.



Out of 209 survey responses, 91.9% feel more positively about the brand sponsor now, and 98.1% will most likely play again. Additionally, 94.3 % of respondents said that after learning more about The Trevor Project and Oceana, they now have a better understanding of their impact and how they can connect with them. These GiveFTW Season 1 results are very encouraging for a Season 2. 

GiveFTW Season 1 was successful at raising awareness for great causes and helping the gaming community make a positive impact. In a hit first season, GiveFTW donated $100,000 to The Trevor Project and Oceana.