Mindfulness Meditation: A Tool for Actors?

Sherly Sulaiman hosts “Mindfulness for Actors” to teach actors and artists to be “in-the-moment” in their characters and their lives. A new donation-based meetup – designed to provide a safe space for Los Angeles-area actors and artists to learn to be present in the moment; connect with self-worth; and explore how to overcome nerves and self-doubt at auditions, […]

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A Valentine’s Day Message From Our Client, New Stress Relief

Written by Sherly Sulaiman Wouldn’t it be nice to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, no matter what…for the rest of your life? For a celebration that’s meant to be about love, Valentine’s Day sure can bring up experiences far away from it. Whether you’re single, separated, in a relationship or in an unhappy relationship, insecurities […]

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JOYCE Gallery to Raise Funds for “LOVE”

It’s the season to celebrate love, and this year JOYCE Art Gallery and the Palm Springs Animal Shelter invite you to do so a little differently – by supporting the “Love Fund” that provides life-sustaining resources and care to animals in need. On March 1st, JOYCE invites the public to attend the fundraiser event at […]

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