Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. (OTCBB: GRCK) Appoints Tina Mulqueen VP of Marketing

Tina Mulqueen, President of Kindred, has assumed the position of VP of Marketing for publicly traded digital advertising and technology firm, Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. Mulqueen will continue to manage personal clients at Kindred, in addition to clients of Grey Cloak Tech.

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Tina Mulqueen Talks Social Media Influence & Hollywood for Daily Actor

In light of several social media influencers’ rise to fame, Mulqueen discusses the evolution of Hollywood casting and what one casting company is doing to help talented actors and artists pave their own way to the big leagues: How One Casting Company Leverages Online Talent’s Social Media

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Tina Mulqueen (Tina Davis) of Kindred Marketing Company was quoted in’s article: “How to…become a pitch writing Jedi.”

Tina Mulqueen (Tina Davis) on Stardom Radio


Kindred’s founder, Tina Mulqueen (formerly Tina Davis), was named one of the top marketing professionals by Klout score, the standard for social media influence, by E. Brian Rose. 2014

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Tina Mulqueen (formerly Tina Davis), founder and CEO of Kindred, was named one of the 100 most influential people in Northern Nevada for her efforts as a Community Leader in 2013.

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 Tina Mulqueen on News 4, Reno