A Kindred Story

Kindred Marketing Company was founded by Tina Mulqueen in February of 2013. Kindred was born out of a culmination of nearly a decade of experience in advertising, marketing, and public relations and a feeling that the systematization of the discipline led a vast majority of organizations to overlook the simple underlying pillars of successful PR. That’s why Kindred’s approach is straightforward: be kind, be trustworthy, and be worth talking about.

About Tina Mulqueen

Named one of the top marketing professionals by Klout score, Tina is a digital marketing innovator and social media correspondent for the most notable events in entertainment. Representing CBS’ The Insider, Entertainment Tonight, and Vanity Fair, Tina has covered the Academy Awards, the Billboard Music Awards, the Brittania Awards and many more, resulting in trending news stories.

With deep roots in entertainment, technology and social media, she has a keen ability to connect people with organizations that result in organic, relevant and interesting news stories that feature Kindred’s purpose-driven clients. Equipped with a wide range of specializations, from investor relations to local media facilitation, Kindred is suited for medium to large clients.

An award-winning writer, she writes and edits for multiple publications, including Kindred’s own on-line magazine, CaraMag.

A Kindred Approach

In line with the company’s name, we take a Kindred approach to public relations. That is, we believe public relations is defined as any action that lends to the public perception of your brand. So, when we say PR, we’re not just talking about press releases. PR is an umbrella over all marketing, advertising and engagement efforts. That’s why we offer a very comprehensive list of services from traditional public relations and media facilitation, to social media marketing, advertising, web design and promotional material design. We are eager to build a comprehensive package for you, or simply supplement your current public relations efforts. For more information, or to set up a complimentary business consultation, fill out the contact form below.